There are many of us, from Gijón, who, since the traffic was restricted, for health and safety reasons, at the San Lorenzo beachfront walk side, have been able to fully enjoy this symbolic and well-known place.

Since the day the traffic was reduced, this public space turned into a friendlier, smoke-free, and almost no-noise place, in which any form of healthy human activity could be done, it became a healthier and people-centered place.

No matter the aesthetics, we really value the low cost of infrastructure from the get-go. Could it be done better, sure, we know that, and to our understanding, there is already an ongoing project run by the municipality. Yet, it’s been proven, in no time, its efficiency, and we all have enjoyed its benefits. We do not want to turn back.

Unfortunately, our city is one of the most polluted in Spain and on the way to being among the most polluted in Europe. Scientists have known for a long time, through research and data , that particles in air pollution shorten life spans and increase hospital admissions. We need to listen to the scientific criteria, they have been warning us how severe these problems become for the environment and us.

Most trips between city neighborhoods are traveled on foot, we are lucky to live in a city that still allows that in distances terms. However, the use of public space by cars is still huge when we compare it with the dedicated to pedestrian and or other more sustainable means of transportation. Recent studies show the lack of public and green areas in Gijón. Other similar cities have already started these changes in order to improve their citizens’ life quality, businesses, and environment, not only that, it became the norm. This is all required by the new Law on climate change and energy transition, which linked the European funds as our rights and duty to fulfill.

All of us, who believe that the current beachfront situation is better, and support this manifesto, are united for a better, safer, healthier, and more sustainable city, in which cars will not be the center of urban planning. Spaces like “el Muro” contribute to modernizing the city, having a healthier and less polluted environment so we can all enjoy it better.

If the beachfront opens the access to cars again, it would be a massive step back, and we do not understand which or who would benefit.

All of the above are the main reasons which move us to create this manifest and ask you for support. The “cascayu” also known as, the beachfront sidewalk, has given us the opportunity to fully enjoy it, and we will not give it up.

To our rights to live and not to drive in Gijón.

Join us, and help us to protect it!


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